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Our Services

Mark provide innovative, high quality and Cost effective Product/Solutions. We provide Personalized Support & Services.

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Application Development

As a certified Product and custom application development company,

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IoT Development

The Internet of Things(IoT) is taking over everything.

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Mobile Development

We Offers end-to-end Mobile Application Development Services

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HR Service

We dispatch highly skilled engineers specializing,

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Our Network Solution

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Ripplinq is revolutionary software platform that interact offline usage with online content.

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It is comprises of a self-installable plug and play device and an app ..

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Industry Solution

We built a workflow solution which comprises - Process route map management…

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Home Solution

(The smart lighting that serves to reduce energy consumption)

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Media Box

Mark developed advance IPTV System. (STB, Middleware and Application Platform

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Home Security Product

Super Speed Database Technology
Big-Data Breakthrough for your Business!.

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Wifi Speakers

Design and development of a synchronization algorithm between Speakers and Transmitter

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Wifi System

QCA 's Dakota reference board bring-up…

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Design and development of WiFi Repeater solution…

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Custom Module

Load Balancer, Daemon Manager, Network Speed Analysis…

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Instant Prototyping

Intel, Raspberry, Arduino, Orange…

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Sensor Stack

PIR, RFID, LDR, Conventional environment controllers (flow sensor, soil, etc)

Ripplinq Use Cases

City Bus & Train

Brands and businesses introducing new products or services can use ripplinq targeted campaigns ....


Ripplinq solutions make Airport smarter. When a Passenger or Customer with a smart phone..


Ripplinq can be used by malls to create futuristic shopping experiences that appeal..

Tourism & Hospitality

The tourists gain knowledge about the history of the place..


It allows them to have meaningful, personalized conversations with customers.


Ripplinq have the ability to customize health content according to a patient or healthcare..


Libraries today are a treasure house. Ripplinq helps notify Shelf information,

Ripplinq Real Estate

Real estate can showcasing their properties, interacting with prospective buyers,


Armed with your phone and headphones, content is pushed to you depending on what artwork..

Schools and Universities

With digital tools becoming a mainstay in many schools, Ripplinq technology acts..

Smart Cities

Ripplinq infrastructure in a city can play a critical role in creating the hyper-local..


Ripplinq technology in sporting events (like Wimbledon..


The power of ripplinq lies in its ability to connect the real world, the brick-and-mortar worl..

Zoos and Theme Parks

Ripplinq at zoos and theme parks can deliver diverse functions like providing informative..

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