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Libraries today are a treasure house of not only books but also online resources. In addition, many libraries host interesting workshops and events. Ripplinq technology provides an innovative way to inform patrons about resources and events in a personalized way.

Even in the case of libraries, ripplinq provide the perfect platform to blend the offline library experience with an enhanced, tailored online experience delivered through the mobile phones of  members’/patrons’.

Ripplinq help fulfill important library functions like book circulation, navigation and shelf information in the most seamless way by directly sending relevant information straight to patrons’ smartphones’

Apart from providing navigation assistance, the ripplinq also offers digital tours of the library and provides additional information about the library’s art collection and other points of interest.

Ripplinq can deliver a host of valuable solutions to libraries. Some of the top use cases that can be powered by Ripplinq are explained below

Recently, beacons were launched for the first time at a library in Europe. It seems that all of the beacon projects at libraries have inspired others around the world. At the Kariru library in Sabae Japan, there is now an indoor navigation app. They have installed 131 beacons in two stories, which is a relatively large installation – especially for a library. Having so many beacons being used has allowed for more than just general navigation that you might find at other libraries. With this app, you can find certain stacks of books, not just rooms. It does not seem to be fully integrated with a book search system, but it is certainly the next step up for beacons at libraries. But using Ripplinq we can do book Search and other functions without internet and app.


Ripplinq can deliver a host of valuable solutions to libraries. Some of the top use cases that can be powered by Ripplinq are explained below

  • Shelf information
  • Notifications about specific books in a shelf can be sent to members who are in vicinity of that shelf

  • Book circulation notifications
  • Information about a member’s individual library account, such as renewal dates, availability of requested books, and other circulation notifications can be automatically sent to the member’s phone when he/she enters the library.

    When a person enters the library, the Ripplinq App will open and fetch the USER ID cookie to showcase the relevant content

  • Event updates
  • Updates about various events in the library can be sent to members either at the entrance, or at other specific locations within the library (eg. cafeteria, notice board, etc.)

  • Navigation support
  • ripplinq , together with map integration can display a member’s exact location on the map of the library, thus making it easy for him/her to look up different areas on the map and navigate to specific locations.

  • Booking of study rooms
  • Help students look up study rooms that are vacant and also help in booking the room.

  • Search Books
  • Inside the Library area, we can search any book, see more detail, and navigate to shelf, where books is placed

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