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Tourism & Hospitality

The benefit for Travelers- Travel and tourism ripplinq applications can deliver an incredible user experience through seamless airport navigation right from the ‘check-in at the airport’ time, going through security checkups and finally ending at luggage collection at the time of departure and or arrival. Along with this, there are other benefits to be obtained such as aviation industry promotion, gate updates, booking cabs and also gathering information and data of the passengers based on their proximity. Also, the role of ripplinq is just not restricted to merely serving the tourists at the airports and hotels but rather aid in exploring the place, replacing the role of a tour guide.


Boosting Hotel and Hospitality Industry- Ripplinq to be quite an asset and valuable marketing tool for the hospitality industry, also aiding their guests as well. It has displayed its productive side replacing staffs to offer uncompromised guest services right from the time they check in at the hotel till the time he or she checks out, also notifying them on their devices guiding them across to the hotel. There will also be special offers, Personalized deals and coupons pushed to their devices. It is easier to maintain a healthy relationship with the guests by servicing them suited to their personal preferences.

Ripplinq System gives guests an additional way to make service requests. Hotels Ripplinq empowers guests to request basic hotel services right from their own smartphones Ex. Guest can check the Restaurant menu from his smartphone and make orders and even pay online. Similarly Guest can request and book all the services.


Ripplinq can provide an unparalleled customer experience that is both contextual and personalized. Ripplinq-enabled hotels can deliver the following:

  • Hassle-free navigation assistance
  • Personalized promotions
  • Automated check-ins 
  • Easy guest feedback system
  • and many other value-added services. 

Project Details

IoT Enabled Airports

  • Mariott International
  • Corethree in Netherlands
  • Queensland in Australia
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